Life in Lockdown (1)

I left Australia thinking I would go on a best 10 weeks holiday around this underrated holiday destination, the middle east. I listed what I want to do briefly months before, and even add Alexandria and Casablanca in mind because why not 🤷🏽‍♀️

The first and my portal country would be UAE, I listed Dubai as my main travel port. I made plan to stay couple weeks after my birthday week, then visiting my sis down the south of Oman, watching F1 in Bahrain, visiting Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar and Turkey. I have been to some of the countries but this time I’ll be on my own, so the whole idea of it meeting fellow travellers or even lost in there given the fact my Arabic is so broken was so fascinating.

I met Neal and honestly I thought we gonna spent some weeks together in Dubai. He was my person and just too good to be true, well in the end it was a true slap in the face that it didn’t actually happened. The right guy just not in the right time, who knows if next I bump to him in Belgium when I’m relocating there, that would be scary…

Anyway, two weeks into it, there was something scary and invisible spreading in the air, no cure just yet, and soon after everyone feels a sense of the slow-motion shutdown of public life in the whole wide world. Quiet streets, empty public transportations, vacant schools and offices looked like straight up from the sci-fi/end of the world kinda movie are the ‘new normal’ view. Everything is so messed up and scary.

It’s (very) possible that you and I might have a little more time on our hands for the foreseeable future as holidays are cancelled, travel options is very limited, working-from-home days proliferate and millions get into self-isolate scene.

Me, personally, my screen time increased twice as much up to 16hrs/days these past weeks as I finished my books, could hardly sleep and spent most of my times playing Dashadventures or scrolling my feeds to see random things.

I also noticed that my cooking skill is increasing, my social skill? idk mate. Next time I’m seeing you I be all shy, just don’t get weirded out, it’s all on me 🙇🏽‍♀️ #lifeinlockdown

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