If the world is ending you’d come over, right?

Flashback to the end of 2019… those who knows me in a very deep personal level knows that I had quite a year and by the end of it I said to myself ‘if I survived 2019, 2020 would be easy.’. Well looking back at it now, I probably jinxed it.

I was hustling so hard for the past 2 years and told myself I deserved some reward, holiday it is.

Sis just got a baby boy and I was thinking ‘why wouldn’t I come down and visit them as well?’. So I booked my ticket and arranged my trip. I was gonna go for 10 weeks traveling around Middle East I haven’t been before. I placed Dubai as my port of travel because it’s just easier, they got so many international flights, pretty much any time. How convenient.

I looked it up online to what is happening around my arrival down there and found F1 was gonna held there in Bahrain. God knows how long I have been dying to go there, specifically to watch F1 mate, yes. So in the beginning things fall nicely to my favour… or so I thought.

So I picked UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Turkey on my list, with the possibility of going anywhere I wished in between. I picked Turkey at the end of my leg because it’s gonna be spring there by then and I am so gonna go to Cappadocia to ride the hot air balloon. It has been a dream and given the 10 weeks options, why the hell not mate.

Looking at it, 3 months into 2020, 2nd week in to my holiday, things were so wild like never before. Well 2020 is a new decade that I really wish to be better than the decade before, professionally and romantically. But mate I didn’t sign up for this, I am not prepared, let alone ready for it. So where do I unsubscribe to all these madness?

All I wanted to ask is Hugh, if the world is ending you’d come over right?

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