(Pretending) I’m in ‘Pingit’ instead of quarantine

According to Javanese tradition, pingit is a mandatory procession of a soon-to-be bride where she may not go out of the house and may not meet the soon-to-be husband.

The procession itself has a slight adjustment these days where it takes only 7 days before the wedding, because I’ve heard that in the past it takes a good 40 days mate. After the pingit period over, the woman will be showered and treated like a royal in a traditional spa-like showered which involved lots and lots of flowers.

The reason why they do this is so that the soon-to-be husband and people will be amaze on how she looks like on the big day because they haven’t seen the bride for a while. Furthermore, be it 14 or 40 days, I could definitely get through this mate. Just make sure my groom right there is patient enough to wait this shit to be over 💁🏽‍♀️

So according to the old generation, there are numerous reasons why ‘pingit’ tradition before marriage is necessary:

1. It’s a time for the bride to take a rest from all the hustle and bustle, wedding preparations and just focus on herself. Brides use this rest time to pamper themselves at home. If it’s me, expect the silky smooth skin, super soft hair and pretty nails done on the big day because hi soon-to-be husband, i’m being extra.

2. Some parents will teach the brides cooking or baking, decorating or cleaning the house, or even give them marriage advices, stuff like that. Unless they got a daughter like me, which has been trained to cook her whole life, but also 1000% doing it based on the mood so I expect my future husband to master one or two recipes to balance it out. But this is pretty much depends on the household.

3. To protect the bride from any harm in the outside world. It’s important if their daughter is super clumsy like me; i could possibly fell from the bike, twisted my ankle on training, food poisoning, you name it. If the bride stay in, it is hoped to minimise the possible damage.

4. Days the bride spend inside will put her patient in test. As we all know being patient is very important skill to master for daily life. Especially if they got a daughter like me who is very impatient in any occasion pretty much anytime 🤷🏽‍♀️

5. Lastly, 40 days apart will make the groom miss the bride badly, well, vice versa. So when the day comes, we all know what happen yeah. I could describe it, but knowing me personally, you know it will be too pornographic for my young readers.

This whole quarantine and lockdown is sucks. I don’t know about you but this was not easy for me and didn’t get any easier because I really don’t wanna get used to this and make this a new normal, like, mate I’m literally trapped.

I’m just tryna distract myself so hard and keep writing, and posting to kill my boredom and keep everyone entertained with a whole funny (according to my sense of humour) narrative articles…. which I am not even sure if anyone is even reading it 🤷🏽‍♀️ But gimme some love will ya?

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