k(nils) before your queen…

Read; kneel.

Wrote the title on purpose. Het is veel leuker als je het expres doet 🙂

Have you ever meet someone that shares the exact same views and passions, presumably believe in what you believe, hopeless romantic kind of love like no other in such a short period of time?

I found one. I was happy, really ik was zo blij.. I could, literally die. I mean.. Ik kende hem en toch weer niet, als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel. It was so natural, so easy, like, you’re talking to your mate and boom you hit the jackpot. That’s it I’m sold.

For all these years I’m convinced that I don’t have a type in a guy, but I think I do know now.. I’m extremely attracted to unavailable men, specifically those kind of guy who doesn’t want to commit and such when I am giving nothing but all my love.

And it is not to my knowledge that these guys weren’t actually gonna committed to me as I wished they would, but the lights always come at the end of the tunnel. I learned my lessons.

It was too good to be true. Hij is alles wat ik zoek in een jongen. Ik dacht dat hij te mooi was om waar te zijn. Physically he was over the top; tall, brown hair, brown eyes, the exact same sense of humour, oh my God… Connection wise? No need to question it anymore. Name all the goodness and potential in him and I could write a novel.

He was a lawyer. I really have no idea what and how lawyer life looks like, but I am so obsessed with HTGAWM. So I told him I was portraying him to be like Analise Keating in the court. Although tbh I’m more into Oli-Man because my ability to dig shit is comparable. He watched the series too and love AK for it, although he told me that the lawyer life he is living is the kind of lawyer on Suits, which I have no idea how because I don’t watch it.

And ‘about time’ will probably be my favorite romantic movie of all times. It was so good I keep crying when I watched it, still. And to know that he appreciate the movie as much as I did was so comforting, ofc I said to him blatantly that he is definitely marry me kinda guy.

We talked about random shit and it was sooo fun you have no idea. Which at some point I probably revealed too much of my shits to him, and he couldn’t take it.

I was convinced that I would spend my actual birthday on my own because I will be in Dubai and I know no one but my sis bestfriends. But he assured me that I won’t be alone.. and so we were supposed to celebrate my birthday together there, as per my understanding. But he didn’t show up. So in the end I was right about spending it on my own so I switched the ticket to leave Dubai earlier than I planned.

I wouldn’t blame him for what he did, he was a gentleman who own up to his shit. Best guess he was probably noticed it was wrong to start with and do the right thing. I’d be the happiest if he actually do what I thought he would. But leaving me hanging was bad, but mate it’s all good, I hold no grudge hey just so you know.

Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. K(nils) before your queen…

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