Such A Hopeless Romantic I am

When you googled the words, the first thing that shows will be saying that it’s a person who has romantic notions about life. Oh I friggen am.

I am so, so good with words and expressions.

My friends came to me all the time asking for my help to fix their relationship problem; in a way, how to communicate it, like, which words to use to really express it and such. So if you happened to date my friends, there are high chance that the texts you’ve been receiving was my idea. I’m like high key bragging now.

But the funniest thing of all, I am waaay more complicated than my relationship advices to my friends. Like, it works for them, but I never really apply it to myself.

I find myself very communicative to anyone but I don’t like to talk about things in my relationships to my friggen own partner. I keep it myself and throwing tantrum and let him guess what the fuck is wrong with me. Damn, now I use the word partner, as boyfriend seems to be age inappropriate to use by a woman my age in this land down under. But worry not my dear, I’m still single.

if you have EVER been cheated on, opening up yourself to a new situation and involving yourself in a new relation are VERY exhausting. And I can’t believe how many times I’ve been involved with people in such a wrong situations.

Well, good news is, again, since I’m such a hopeless romantic so I believe there will be a time for my romantic cycle to rise and I could be lovey dovey throwing cringey jokes again lol

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