The Ego

The psychoanalysis refers it as the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.

My ex boyfriend once addressed me as the most selfish woman in the entire world he know, because I stood up for myself, and chose what I think it’s best for me.

Back in the bachelor day in Uni, the smartest guy in the class who managed to skipped years in high school and attended Uni in a full ride scholarship told me that “Childs intelligence is inherited from its mother.” and I have been thinking and researching a lot about that ever since.

I freaked out, I really was, and still I am, I guess. I realised I was not a natural smartass student, or person in general.. I realised that I need to learn a lot of things.

If I were to have a family, kids on my own, I realised I have to be a better person and educate myself more than I am now so that I can be fully understand what am I getting myself into, because up until now, I believe that the more educated I am, the more educated the future generation I raise will be, or so I thought.

I know that a relationship is a game for two, and if you’re committed enough the game goes on for the rest of your life and I just really wanna be sure that I take a right move.

My travel and journey here and there are nothing but to humbled me so that someday I’ll bring a better, fresher idea to make a better community back home. I was fortunate enough to have a supporting Dad that could afford my education, and somehow I made my way here in Australia. But I realised that not so many people as lucky as I am.

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