I saw my(old)self in ‘you’, literally…

So this week achievement was to finished watching the whole season of “You” on Netflix in less than 24hrs, which mean I was binge. Cause everyone been talking about it, socially or virtually so I was just kinda had to, y’know…

It gets me quite paranoia (again) about my openness of sharing things through social media, considering I, some times had no filter or self control on what is appropriate, let’s say, to share to the society. I mean, some people are just cool and technically don’t care about other people shit, and some are just natural judgy, like aaaallllll the way.

I did and still am, managed to keep my life very low-key in the love sector. Well, few years back ‘these girls’ were *fangirling (read: creeping) on my then man, and I was so, very, unhappy about that. I mean, they weren’t even my friend, we just happened to attend the same school and it really did not make any sense to me that all of sudden they cared about the guy I am dating. Get-a-life, please.

And couple days ago, my friend, Clark, been sharing the story about a girl that has been kidnapped and her parents been murdered in that scene, around his region in Eau Claire, Wisconsin – USA. According to my friend and his sister, the kidnapper was randomly picked her out, stalked her and became obsessed with her. They said he attempted to kidnap her two other times but chickened out. I mean, if the whole stalking and obsessing things were true for her case, which led him did what he did, maaan… what a crazy world we are living in right now. I hate to say this but gosh, digital footprints are scary!

Back to this whole ‘You’ shows, the show overview stated “Obsessed with an aspiring writer, a charming bookstore manager goes to extreme measures to insert himself into her life”. That sounds extreme, yet kinda familiar.

Okay, I am not a writer, not even an aspiring, I am more to a girl who write a blog for fun when she feels like it, but one thing for sure is that I love to write, SO much since I was little. If you read my other posts, you knew it all along.

So back then, 2014/2015 I wrote few articles on this Indonesian website, ranging from how to take care of cats (I started to write that when I had my first cat, Mango), reviewing restaurants I went (I eat out A LOT), wrote my experiences from a-z, and even write a short movie script that I never sent to any production house in it, using a pseudonym, cause I don’t like to be discovered. Because I really thought people will be brutally honest to someone they don’t know, their reviews and critics feel more genuine. Yeah, for research purposes only, so that I can create better articles.

One day, I got one following request on instagram. Back then every followers matters, doesn’t matter if I don’t personally know them, I just accept straight away. His username was written in indonesian old spelling, I didn’t bother to check his profile, not until he slide to my DM’s asking me if I wanted to go out and have a coffee with him. Oh dear, if you know me in person, you know exactly that I never say no to any hang out request. I generally loves to hang out with anyone doing anything. If you asked me out to company you to buy a book, it’s a yes; if you asked me out to try a new restaurant, definitely a yes.

We met at this newly open restaurant, 2kms away from my place. He looked very sharp and I should say I was impressed. He had that red shirt and brown shiny derby. I was so hungry and I literally forgot to start a conversation.

I was like “So who are you? how did you came across my instagram profile?”

He went “I’m nobody. I read your articles, when you thought Mango was lost, when the interviewee thought you are Sudanese, I also read your FTV storyline.”

Wow wow, he gotta be kidding me, or so I thought. “And how did you find me? how did you find my instagram?”

“I did some diggin, and gotcha.”

That was, the very first time someone blatantly said to my face that he looked me up online.

“And why did you do that?” I was so curious, god knows.

He was “Your articles are interesting, you sounds real, so I was just curious to know who is the person behind those articles I read.”

Really, like, really??? I never thought someone really read things I wrote, I didn’t even think there is people wanting to know me in person. For a moment I was forgot that he ‘stalked’ me. I genuinely said to myself ‘Wow I got a fans, I must have written something good.’

Then he asked me, “Why you pick thetropicalbabe as a username?”

“Oh TMI, but my man called me my tropical girl all the time, considering I am from a tropical country. And the tropical babe is just sounds right to me.” Yep stranger, yep, I did made myself clear and unavailable to you.

Anyway that was the end of the night, he offered me a lift home, of course I said yes, I’m very economic, in that sense. And before you judge me how can I let a stalker send me home, so he sent me to a friends place, which is just right in front of my place, with the hope he thought it was my place, if that makes sense. So technically he still don’t know where I (really) lived.

So, I love New Zealand, I really do, never been there but I love it. I don’t know why but you get me, right? I never really tell anyone that I am kinda obsessed with that very country, by obsessed means I have to go there at some point in life, told my then man if we ever gonna marry each other, I want a NZ wedding, and he was agreed, but we broke up hey, so if you wanna propose me, I spilled every hints to a yes.

He gave me chocs and keychain from NZ, and I did said “What the hell.” straight to his face.

“What? I went to NZ couple weeks ago, and that’s for you.” he casually answered that.

I was like ‘this is too much for a coincidence, but it is also impossible if he knew it all along, I mean, how could he? but then again, here he is, browse the internet to find a girl.’

Instead of coming home directly once he left, I paid a visit to my friend to tell them this whole crazy situation. Damn, I think my homie Luke, Rio and Adam were there and they were as shocked as me.

Let’s call this guy Theo. We shorta hang out, I brought my friend, I mean, I brought him to my circle so my people could judge him. I was kinda brag to my friend ‘I had a fans, a loyal reader, he’s gonna hang out with us so please, I’m open to any observation of him, let me know.’ But he was fun, like really fun, and God he’s smart, he’s a lawyer, everyone agreed.

One day, we went out for a dinner, the three of us (I brought my girl friend with me), she had a tattoo and he saw it, and he was like ‘Wow I always want a tattoo, something meaningful to me. My Dad’s signs, so I can always have him with me.’

My friend was inspired, she then decided to have a tattoo of her Dad’s sign near her elbow, and I think Theo knew it. And he never managed to have one.

But something was off with him. I thought we were ‘friends’, but he kinda wanted to date me. And that very time, I had a boyfriend, and we’ve been together for quite some times. Theo knew that I date a foreign man and he basically told me all the downside of marrying a foreign man. I mean, excuse me, I didn’t even know if I was gonna get married, let alone marrying him, it was too soon to tell.

And if you think this story ended up by me getting away from this very man who looked me up online, you are so wrong. He was the one that went away. He even deleted all of his social media so I could never googled him up the way he did to me.

So my point of this long ass non sense life story is that, digital footprints are scary, people could do anything with the information provided online. God knows what they are capable of, the series shows you the worse possible case, and my post shows you the opposite of it. But again, you gotta be very careful on sharing things online hey!

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