LUSH: Rehab Shampoo and Veganese Hair Conditioner Review

I am like 25 years old right now, and still get cranky every time I need to brush my hair. Gosh the hair get tangled to one another like Jack and Rose on Titanic, they don’t even wanna be separated. And yes please imagine the hair fall from the ‘forced separation’, it’s ugly and painful to see.

To start with, my hair is pretty long, thin and super straight. I’ve done a little too much coloring in my life from silver to blonde to green to blue, you name it, and now I think my hair is just not feeling it anymore. And I feel like it’s on the worse condition, ever. It’s just sooo dry.

Back then I took the shortcut, which was cutting it very short so I can grow back my healthy hair. It’s different story right now cause my friend think I should keep the hair and just focus on ‘repairing’ it.

So here I am, sharing my experience with the Lush: Rehab shampoo and Veganese Hair conditioner. When I first saw the shampoo I was like “yeah bud, my hair is definitely need a rehab.”

LUSH: The Rehab Shampoo and Veganese Hair Conditioner.

I looked at the shampoo and said to myself that “this one looks promising”. I wasn’t sure what to pick but, now I thanked you, yes you, the Lush employee that convinced me that I made the right decision to pick the rehab one. To be honest, I can’t smell anything but the peppermint in it, which I don’t mind at all, cause I love peppermint anyway.  On the label itself says that I should actually use the Retread conditioner for a real turn around for neglected hair. And I was like “It’s not like my hair been neglected, they are just tired of me in general I guess.”

Then I try to smell every conditioner (without reading the label) and ended up picking the Veganese one. Gosh it’s smell heavenly, the lemon is strong on that. So then I read the label and “Guess whats? I’m definitely turning Veganese!”. The top tip said that it’s a light conditioner that doesn’t weigh the hair down but gives lots of shine. That’s what I need. A healthy hair from rehab that shines. Sounds like a perfect combo to me.

And guys, I can really feel the difference from the first time I use this. Not even joking that my hair is a lot smoother an easy to manage! The tangle is a not completely gone but it’s waaaaaay easier to brush. Hands down to the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever try.

Will I repurchase? Definitely a YES. But I might try the Retread conditioner with the Rehab shampoo next time.

It’s a little pricey, but what they have done to my hair is pretty impressive.

So do you have the same hair condition like me? do you have any recommendation for the product I should try? Feel free to share it in the comments below!

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