My Post Break-Up

Okay, I some times get jealous to everyone I know, that can move on, very, very easily. Like, dating this one for half a year, broke up, and a week later they bring the new one into their life. I have always wondered how did they do it? What was their secret? Moving on from one guy to another guy is NOT something I can do overnight, really.

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I am a hard to impress type of girl. Means that I don’t like someone easily. I don’t judge a guy (or anyone) by physical appearance. I like what I see, but that is never my priority. I don’t like to be chased, weird, I know. And if I like you a lot, you will know. I don’t hide it, I make it obvious for you to see (and feel), so you can choose to follow up or simply leave.

When I love someone, I love him hard, sooo hard he can’t even take it and decide to leave… LOL, but really, this happened once. That is why if the relationship ended, it takes quite some time for me to heal. I fall into it hard, and harder to move on.

For me, the breakup cycle goes:

  1. Breakdown phase: A little bit breakdown is basically alright, because breakup is painful. In this phase, I don’t know whether the breakup is really happening or not, therefore I need to talk to my closest friend asap to tell them the whole story (that’s what girls do, fyi). I also make myself busy as much as possible, busy with the business, exercising, hang out with friends, shopping, whatever, you name it.. I will never think of my failed relationship when I’m busy thinking about anything else.
  2. Sad phase: This phase is when breakup hits me and drop me to the lowest mood. I get very sensitive after realising the breakup is real. At this stage, I can almost relate to every break-up songs and quotes I found online, lol.
  3. Healing phase: At this phase, I keep telling myself “It is what it is, not what it should.” I will start to get back my normal life, being the cheerful girl I always am. Going out with everyone that asked me to. I don’t do the “blocking all contact and social media” phase, I never do it. We started as friend and always will, relationship may ends but never friendship. Even after I’ve been cheated on, I don’t have a hard feeling towards him and still have have his contact.

I mean, I have always in a serious, long term relationship, I don’t even know how to keep it casual. No offence, but one night stand was never for me, cause I know I will catch a feeling and get attached. It’s just not working.

So yeah, that was pretty much my post break-up cycle. How do you deal with your break up?

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