Talking about Australia, everyone will started to freak out about how they think we got giants spiders everywhere or crocodile in our backyard… It’s pretty wild :))) And guess what? hell naaah 🤣

Living in the heart of Sydney I could only see Kangaroos and Koala at the Zoo.

That day my friend asked me if I wanted to come with her to see Kangaroo roaming around freely.

So my answer was definitely a ‘YES’, without a doubt.

Then she said ‘You gotta be prepared for the journey tho, we need to leave early, it takes quite some times to get there’.

I was wondering where would it be, but I trust my friend so I didn’t even bother to ask.

Woke up early and hop on the 7am train to Morisset From Central St.

It was reaaaally chilly day and the wind was craaazy. Yes, it was that bad.

One hour journey and we were still not arrived, so I took my phone to check how far it was.

Dang.. I was surprised by the 120km journey we had to face to see Kangaroo in their natural habitat.

But this was the view I got to see after. Long journey? no problemo!


From the Morisset St. we took a minibus that drove us right to the Morisset Hospital, where the ‘Kangaroos park’ were.

As we drove there, the driver was kind and informed us to NOT to feed the Roo’s, simply because they are wild animal, and they can totally find their own food. Kangaroo will get aggressive towards people over food.

SADLY ENOUGH, even though they were informed, and there were SIGNS everywhere to not to feed them, people still do. Simply, ignorant.

I actually did, called out group of girls that gave them carrots. Told them not to feed the Roo. And their answer were ‘Look at those people, they feed them too.’.

Oh well, you know, at least I’ve tried.

And so my 3 hours train ride gave me this opportunity to take a selfie with the Roo! Or more to a baby Roo.


I was scared to death to be closed with the adult one, especially the muscular one. I was sooo afraid that he would punch or kick me so hard, back to my country lol. So I was avoiding them the whole time. And last picture shows you my last attempt on taking a picture with Kangaroo.

Disclaimer: Might look like I gave the Roo something, but look at my hands, empty. Was trying to get its attention by approaching them like I did to cats, not working mate. And yes, I did NOT feed any of them.


So was the journey worth the view? Yes, you can see the wild Kangaroo there.

BUT PLEASE, just don’t be stupid to take that one perfect picture to share online by bribing the Roo’s with the food you have.

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